Civic Duty or Christian Duty?

Published on Feb 24, 2016.

We’ve all heard about it. Whether you are into politics or not, we have all heard about the coming elections. In classes and in the cafeteria, people discuss who they are going to vote for- and more specifically, what Donald Trump has been up to. Iowa, New Hampshire, who is ahead in the polls? Who is going to win?What if we’re stuck with Hillary?! Oh no, not another Bush! Feel the Bern! …Let’s build a wall!!


As a political science major, I’ve heard quite a bit about the elections myself. Having recently turned 18, this is the first election I will participate in. Personally, I am quite excited! Many people I have spoken with say, however, that they are not going to vote, either because they don’t like the candidates, or they just don’t like politics in general. We’ve also all heard the trite reasons why you should vote…“Because it is your civic duty.” “Because if you don’t vote, then how do you expect to have a good leader?” “Your vote really CAN make a difference!”


All of those are true…but still, somehow not very compelling. Maybe it’s because we’ve all heard them a million times, and still the government apparatus ticks on and we still feel pretty safe. Besides- we are busy college students!


As students at a Christian liberal arts college, I think we have an even greater duty to vote- and that’s not JUST because of my major…


NNU’s Mission Statement says “Centered in Jesus Christ, the NNU education instills habits of heart, soul, mind and strength to enable each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in the world.” We are to be God’s agents for change. Isn’t that why we are here? To become educated so we can make a difference in the world? I don’t think we have to wait until we graduate, or get that big job, to do that. In fact, the coming elections are the perfect time for us to begin practicing.


What if every Christian voted? Not for the sake of politics, but to stand up for those who can’t stand on their own. To care for the least of these. If we all put our heads together and we all voted for the candidate we thought could do the most good for those who need it most--what an amazing effect we could have!


Those are my Friday thoughts…now, back to Honors reading!


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